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CNJ Entertainment has been in existence for 15 plus years working and hosting major events in Virginia. It started as the brainchild of Christopher McNeil who developed a fondness for promoting events that cater to a mature audience. The early days of CNJ Entertainment began as a trust of friends called the 5 Faces. The group started out promoting Chris’ 25th birthday which turned out to be a bigger success than expected. The group next moved on to a pajama party that was also very successful, a tasteful affair at the old Dabney’s Restaurant & Lounge location in Richmond, VA. The first two parties spurred the group to move to a bigger venue, The Showplace, to throw a 70’s throwback party. The group continued to use a wide variety of venues to promote their parties and give Richmond a different flair. Over time the group added other affiliates and lost some business partners as their parties doubled and almost tripled. As time passed partners and friends developed other priorities, had family obligations, or love for the venture waned and there was a consensus to disband to focus on personal goals.

As history would have it, Chris was sitting at a family function in which they were eating crabs and destroying them. Someone raised the question to Chris, “Why don’t you do an event at which people can come out and eat crabs all day and listen to music?” Chris decided to broach the idea to his friends receiving a lukewarm response. He reached out to Ron Hadad, owner of Hadad’s Lake, to ask if a similar event had happened and if not, would he be interested in having it at his location. The 1st Annual Seafood Splash was born and presented in August 2001. The turnout was a tremendous success, but the event was not adequately thought of due to Chris’ underestimation of how much people love crabs. Since then, CNJ Entertainment has presented the event usually around the 4th Saturday in August. Each and every year the team tweaks and tries to reinvent itself by presenting an all you can eat crabs and more menu featuring national and local bands as well as the areas top DJs. A family-oriented event, the Seafood Splash offers 150 or more bushels of LIVE CRABS which are steamed, spiced and served piping hot along with fish, chicken, shrimp and various sides. Patrons eat and party all day!!! Each year CNJ Entertainment promises to make the SEAFOOD SPLASH an event you can truly look forward to.

CNJ Entertainment also brings to Richmond upscale events such as the ANNUAL MEMORIAL DAY PARTY, LABOR DAY PARTY, 70s/80s PARTIES and other events such as the NEW EDITION AFTER PARTY, HOLIDAY AFFAIRS and other MID-MARKET CONCERTS such as Ledisi. CNJ Entertainment strives to make its patrons happy with top quality entertainment and events. CNJ events are catered to a 30 plus crowd as well as those in their 20s seeking a sophisticated party atmosphere. CNJ Entertainment welcomes all suggestions on upcoming events or constructive criticism on past events. For more information please contact Chris McNeil via email @ or phone @ 640-6103.

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